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Extreme Academy' s one-on-one virtual tutoring is effective and delivers results! This program has a maximum of one student per Academic Coach for each hour long session. The tutoring will be held over the Zoom platform and will require the student to have a stable internet connection and a device of his/her choice, such as a laptop or tablet.
Each student may be assessed using a California Academic Content Standards-based assessment to target areas for improvement.  Based on test results, parent and student goals, Academic Coaches will develop a specific learning plan for each student.  While one-on-one tutoring is primarily focused on individual instruction from the Academic Coach, students may also choose to integrate multimedia skill-building into their program to target areas of improvement identified by the assessment.
This program is recommended for any student seeking individual attention and is highly recommended for students who are in danger of failing in a specific subject, or who require tutoring in a high-level subject.
Grade levels include K-12 and college too!

experience the difference between Traditional school vs. Extreme Academy, The choice is yours!

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