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We know that traditional, large school settings are not a one size fits all for the 21st century student. Extreme Academy exists to serve students that thrive in a small virtual environment, where learning is customized to fit their learning styles, skill sets, and interests.
We provide individualized content that is both interesting and engaging, while still aligning to the standards. We also offer individualized and advanced support, depending on your student’s academic progress.

hear what Satisfied Parents are saying

Before Extreme Academy, my son's grades were going downhill fast. He could not stay on top of his work and he constantly needed our help to stay focused.

Since attending here, my son's grades have improved, he has learned to organize and prioritize his work and time, and rarely needs our help anymore.

The best part has been to watch my son grow and be supported by some of the most loving and truly caring staff at Extreme. We are definitely blessed.

Shauna, Satisfied Parent

extreme academy elements

Blended Learning

Our blended learning model is created through small group teacher led direct instruction combined with self-directed student learning on individual computers to create a powerful learning experience.

Personalized Pace

Unlike larger traditional schools that have to address the needs of all students collectively, EA has the unique ability to work with students at a personalized pace by subject in order to reach mastery and full engagement!

Small Environment

Extreme Academy is an intimate, nurturing, and caring virtual school environment where we make it a priority to know each student - academically, socially, and emotionally. We are honored to be a part of their educational journey!

Project Based Learning

Utilizing project-based learning is a foundational element of our academy offering. Our PBL model allows learning across multiple subject areas, collaboration with other students, and the development of critical thinking skills that are necessary for 21st century skill development.

Student Centered

Extreme Academy is a school where students have a choice and a say in their learning. With a small student to teacher ratio, the focus is on them as learners and thinkers!

Engaging & Rigorous

Extreme Academy is a school where students have a choice and a say in their Instruction is driven by the needs of the student, not a pacing guide. The academy encourages peer to peer collaboration and has the ability to push in intervention or accelerate content based on the needs of the students learning. With a small student to teacher ratio, the focus is on them as learners and thinkers!

Award Winning Curriculum

Our core and elective curriculum is provided by award winning Edgenuity. In addition to the engaging core content, the Academy offers over exciting electives and choose from that align with student interests!

Extreme Academy Difference

Experience Extreme Academy by scheduling a tour and beginning the enrollment process!

experience the difference between Traditional school vs. Extreme Academy, The choice is yours!

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