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Igniting passion for learning + life

Extreme Academy helps students + parents love school through a personalized, flexible learning model that increases confidence, decreases stress, and makes learning fun!
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Online High School, Distance Learning, Personalized and Individualized Learning

Your student has strengths and talents to share with the world.

Our goal is to work with you to determine what those strengths are and develop an academic plan that caters to those strengths so that your student can get excited about learning, grow in confidence, and feel capable to succeed in the classroom and beyond. All the while, decreasing stress and increasing smiles at home!
Online High School, Online Middle School, Personalized and Individualized Learning
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Frustrated by your current school model that just doesn't work for your student? Keep reading.

Your student is more than a number, grade, seat, or a Zoom screen. Your student is unique and so is their learning style, strengths, and interests. We determine what those are and work with you to create a personalized plan to give them academic success that grows their subject mastery and personal confidence so you can have peace of mind knowing they are enjoying learning and feeling successful!
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Our 5 step process to get started

1. Schedule a discovery call to help us get to know you & your student!
2. Complete an initial enrollment packet to provide info about your student's goals & interests!
3. Student takes an assessment that gives us clarity on exactly what your student needs to be successful!
4. Submit final enrollment packet that gets you one step closer to making school fun for your student!
5.  Sign off on your student's individual learning plan developed by our team to ensure your student's confidence and academic success!
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An academy you can trust

Extreme Academy believes that school should be fun! We also believe in a personalized learning approach that focuses on the strengths of the student so that they can feel capable, successful, and confident in the classroom and beyond. It is our core belief that confident students make healthy, happy contributing adults. That means impact!
We believe in academic rigor, developing a framework that combines live instruction with online curriculum to provide standards aligned core content, interest-driven engaging electives, and many opportunities for remedial or advanced grade level support to meet your student exactly where they are and get them to where they want to be!

We believe that students are uniquely different. With over 18 years of experience in the face to face learning environment and 5 years in the online space, we have seen first-hand the results that come by celebrating these differences and not trying to force students into a one size fits all model. We create a personalized, individualized approach that gives them confidence and decreases stress so you can know your student is thriving!
We believe that time matters. We believe that school work should not take up all hours of the day. In fact, we want students to complete their work during the school day so time after school can be spent intentionally nurturing their hobbies, passions, friendships and family relationships. What this means for your student is no homework, as school work is completed during the day.

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Before Extreme Academy, my son Evan was in charter schools and I home schooled him for a year. He was not happy emotionally or academically... Since attending Extreme Academy. I’ve seen a huge difference in his self confidence and learning because he’s being challenged and he’s happy. The best part of attending Extreme has been that he can continue to learn at his pace and move ahead of his grade level not having to wait for other kids to catch up. He is happy emotionally and academically so that makes us happy too!

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